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GoT Fans Rejoice! George R.R. Martin Just Announced The Reason He’s Taken So Long On The Next ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book Is Because He Couldn’t Decide If Dragons Piss Fire Or Not But He’s Finally Decided That They Do Piss Fire

If you’re a fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and have been anxiously awaiting the series’s next installment, The Winds of Winter, then get ready to stand up and cheer: George R.R. Martin just announced that the reason he’s taken so long on the next Game of Thrones book is because he couldn’t decide if dragons piss fire or not, but he’s finally decided that they do piss fire!

This is incredible! It looks like after all these years we’re finally getting the next installment in this beloved fantasy epic!

Martin made the announcement in a post earlier today on his personal blog. “For years, I’ve been going back and forth about whether dragons urinate fire, or if they instead urinate some sort of boiling seawater,” wrote the legendary fantasy author. “This is an incredibly important decision because there’s a scene in The Winds of Winter in which Tyrion walks into a peasant’s house while he’s sleeping, wakes him up, and asks, ‘Do you know if dragons piss fire?’ Day after day, I’ve been contemplating whether the peasant should say, ‘No, they piss hot ocean water,’ or if he should say, ‘Yeah, they do piss fire. Thanks for breaking into my house and asking me that.’

“After writing and rewriting that scene thousands of times, I think I’ve finally arrived at a version that feels true to the story I’m trying to tell: Dragons piss fire and that’s all there is to it!”

According to Martin, ever since he made the creative decision to have dragons piss fire, he’s been forging ahead with The Winds of Winter at a pace of “hundreds of pages a day.” He even announced that the new book would be completed in “one or two weeks from now, at the latest.”

This is huge. Many Game of Thrones fans were starting to believe that the next book in the series might never come out, but now it seems like this long-held dream is finally becoming a reality. Congratulations to George R.R. Martin on deciding that dragons piss fire—we can’t wait to read all about when The Winds of Winter hits bookshelves next week!