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Guess Who Just Got Herself Another IMDb Credit!

Why, hello there! If you have a Google Alert set for my name, Julia Roberts, you may have received an exciting notification this morning, specifically that yours truly has just been given yet another credit on IMDb!

Yep, you better believe it, folks! Just follow this link to the Julia Roberts page on the Internet Movie Database, scroll down to the “Filmography” section, and you’ll see that I’m now listed as the character “Miranda” for the upcoming 2016 film Mother’s Day. Put it up on the board, because Julia’s a star, baby!

Just take a peep at, ladies and gents—53 credits and counting!

After 27 years in this biz, the accolades just keep pouring in. Just take a peep at, ladies and gents—53 credits and counting! It’s been this way since Mystic Pizza, and mark my words, it ain’t letting up anytime soon.

And here’s the truth, friends: This IMDb credit is only just the beginning. Check the trades in the coming days and you’ll see my name popping up just about everywhere: Deadline, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter—you name the publication, Julia’s gonna get a mention!

So hang tight, folks, because this wild ride is just getting started. I’m movin’ and shakin’, and the whole world’s taking notice. IMDb, baby! It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this.