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Heartbreaking: This Guy Has No Idea That He’s So Strange And Memorable-Looking That Everyone From His Flight Is Using Him As A Landmark To Figure Out Which Baggage Claim Area Is Theirs

Prepare to become a complete emotional wreck, because the story currently unfolding at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is definitely a bummer: This guy has no idea that he’s so strange and memorable-looking that everyone from his flight is using him as a landmark to figure out which baggage claim area is theirs.

Just tragic. Our hearts go out to this unfortunate soul.

When the flight first boarded in Atlanta, a really tall, bald-headed man with a long black beard parked himself right next to the gate and started rocking back and forth in his large leather cowboy boots, creating a spectacle that was so massively weird and unsettling that it became permanently seared into the memories of every other passenger. Now that the flight has landed, the man is just minding his own business waiting for his bag to come around on the carousel, and it’s heartbreaking that he has absolutely no idea that dozens of people from his flight are now arriving in the baggage claim section, spotting his gigantic green fishing vest, and thinking, “Ah, there’s that guy,” and immediately heading over to the carousel where he’s standing without needing to check the LCD monitor to see where they should go.

God. It’s so sad to see the man aggressively staring at the carousel with his leather-gloved hands on his hips, completely oblivious to the fact that the mandolin strapped to his back—which was his only carry-on item—is now a highly recognizable beacon calling everyone from his flight to the carousel where he’s standing. While this man had to read the monitor to discover for himself which baggage claim area to go to, he has no clue that everyone else figured it out by noticing his camouflage cut-off shorts with, like, eight pockets from 200 yards away.

This is the officially the saddest story we’ve ever heard. The man still doesn’t even realize that a family that got off the flight right after him was able to follow his towering, hunchbacked body straight off the plane toward baggage claim without once looking up at the signs to know if they were going the right way. Hopefully this man never needs to learn that he looks so bizarre that he basically became a human landmark. If he discovered the truth, it would completely crush his spirit.