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Heartbreaking: This Kid Is Still Talking As If He Could Possibly Dig His Way Out Of The Hole He Dug When He Said He Thinks His Sister Is Hot

Brace yourself, because there’s a cringeworthy situation currently unfolding at a neighborhood playground that is honestly super hard to watch: This kid is still talking as if he could possibly dig his way out of the hole he dug when he said he thinks his sister is hot.

Yikes. You’re only making it worse, kid.

Just moments ago, 12-year-old Ben Lawler made the tragic mistake of agreeing with one of his friends who said that his older sister is hot, and upon realizing it might seem like he has a crush on his sister, he immediately tried to talk his way out of it, saying that he’s just heard a lot of people say she’s hot and it’s not something he personally thinks. But as his friends laughed in his face and told him they bet he can’t wait to get home and jack off to his sister’s bras, Ben’s face turned red and he began desperately piling on illogical defenses about how admitting his sister is hot only makes him more of a man, even though the best course of action would be to accept that this is something he’ll get teased about for a while and just keep quiet.

“Saying my sister is hot just means that I’m hot because I look like her,” Ben argued, still under the impression that there’s something he could say to redeem himself and stop his friends’ jokes about how his sister won’t have to change her last name when he marries her. “We just have really good genes.”

Sadly, even when his friends moved on to talk about video games, Ben continued to bring the conversation back to how he said his sister is hot to offer reasons that he hoped would clear his name, including a lengthy description of how she’s only hot because she’s on the volleyball team and it’s a well-known fact that all of those girls are hot. To prove his point, he started to list off names of hot girls on the volleyball team, to which one of his friends quickly responded, “Don’t forget to mention your dime-piece of a sister, who you want to bang,” which only made Ben more upset before he once again launched into an attempt to talk his way out of the humiliating situation.

Jeez. This is hard to watch. The most devastating part is that as a result of his nonstop attempts to clear his name, he just keeps giving his friends more and more fodder to use against him in the future. Hopefully, Ben takes the loss and gives it a rest soon, because watching him dig himself deeper and deeper into this hole is super upsetting.