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Heartbreaking: This Woman Is Always There For Her Friends But Gives God-Awful Advice

Get ready to start sobbing, because the story of 35-year-old Sarah Ratliff is the saddest thing you’re going to read all day: Sarah is the kind of woman who is always there for her friends, but she gives god-awful advice.

Absolutely tragic. You just hate to see something like this happen.

No matter what her friends are going through, Sarah is always there with a shoulder to cry on and absolutely horrendous advice for how they should handle their problems. When her friend Alice was feeling sad because a man she’d been dating for two weeks was moving to Japan for a year, Sarah dropped what she was doing, drove to her friend’s house in the pouring rain, and told her to quit her job and move to Japan to be close to him. Her friend does not speak Japanese.

And when her friend Tricia had her identity stolen, Sarah took the day off work to help her through that difficult time and to tell her that she should wait a few weeks before she reported it to the police to see if the problem would go away on its own.

It just breaks your heart to have to read a story like this. Sarah is just the sweetest and most caring person you’ll ever meet, and her advice has brought nothing but chaos and devastation to all her friends. It’s completely devastating to see someone so supportive coming through for her friends in the clutch time and time again with the kind of counsel that will ruin their lives.