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Heartwarming: Natalie Portman Just Announced That She Hopes All Sick Kids Get Better

Natalie Portman just proved that she’s a seriously incredible person.

For kids with serious illnesses, it’s tough having to spend day after day in a hospital instead of getting to enjoy childhood. But this week, things are looking a little bit brighter for these children and their families after Natalie Portman’s amazing announcement that she hopes all sick kids everywhere get better.

OMG. We didn’t think our crush on Natalie could get any bigger, but it definitely just did.

“To all the sick kids out there, I hope you get well soon,” the actress wrote in an official statement that proved once and for all that her heart is made of solid gold. “I want you to keep fighting so that someday you will make it through this. I wish that none of you were sick at all!”

Wow. Natalie just made herself a real beacon of hope for these children, showing them that even one of Hollywood’s biggest stars wishes they weren’t battling a terminal illness. Thank you, Ms. Portman, for reminding us that you’re never too famous to give back to your community. You’re the absolute best!