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Heartwarming: These Kayakers Saved A Dolphin That Had Gotten Its G-String Caught On Some Fishing Line

Humans are so often irresponsible when they interact with the natural world, so it’s heartwarming to see a story like this one, where a group of people go above and beyond to save an animal’s life: These kayakers saved a dolphin that had gotten its g-string caught on some fishing line,

So amazing!

Kristen Wheeler and Devin Marks were halfway through a daylong kayaking trip at the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday when they heard a loud, distressed cry, which they soon realized was coming from an adult bottlenose dolphin whose lacy black underwear had snagged on a length of tackle left behind by a fisherman. As Kristen and Devin neared the panicked dolphin, it became clear that the animal had struggled to free itself from its own sexy g-string, writhing around in such a way that the thong strap got wrapped around one of its fins, making it impossible for it to swim. Working quickly, Kristen and Devin put down their oars and helped the dolphin out of its Skims brand thong, revealing a cut in its dorsal fin carved by the underwear’s tight polyester strap.

Wow, this could’ve turned out MUCH worse—thank god Kristen and Devin were around to help avert a tragedy!

The dolphin quickly swam away after Kristen and Devin freed it, and they made sure to remove both the excess fishing line and the g-string from the water so that no further dolphins would suffer the same fate. Unfortunately, not every dolphin will have good samaritans nearby when it gets its panties caught in some refuse left behind by careless humans, so it’s important that we all do better and make sure to leave no trace when we visit natural environments. In the meantime, we can give thanks for people like Kristen and Devin who step up and do the right thing when they encounter an animal snared in its own sexy undergarments.