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Heartwarming: This Boy’s Dying Wish Was For Mattress Firm Stores To Move Into 8 Vacant Retail Locations In His Town, And Mattress Firm Made It Happen

Well, get the tissues ready, because the incredible people behind Mattress Firm are about to make you ugly cry, big time. After decades of helping men and women all over the country, they just gave back to a struggling customer in the most epic way: When this dying boy wished for Mattress Firm stores to move into eight different retail locations in his town, Mattress Firm made it happen.

Oh, god. Here come the waterworks.

Yep. With doctors giving him just months to live, 9-year-old cancer patient Chase Prescott asked for something incredible: for Mattress Firm to open eight new retail locations in his hometown of Cleveland, OH so no one would ever have to travel farther than a few miles to shop for a new bed. While at first it seemed like a long shot for the company to handle that much expansion so quickly—in only a few months—Mattress Firm was able to grant his wish by filling more than half a dozen abandoned storefronts in the metro area with retail locations.

Yes! Just yes! Chase may have had a short life, but he got everything he ever wanted.

How did they pull that off, you may ask? By taking over a shuttered Halloween Express, an old Big Lots, this place that has had, like, four different vape shops in it in the last year, and even the former home of a different mattress store called Mattresses Plus. Plus, Chase even got to get wheeled into each newly opened Mattress Firms, smiling and crying after seeing wall-to-wall displays of Serta, Sleep Number, and Tempur-Pedic brands—all sold at fair, Mattress Firm prices.

“When we heard Chase was sick, we were more than happy to rapidly expand into an urban environment that was currently underserved by the bedding market,” said Mattress Firm’s CEO John Eck. “We are happy to hear that this young man recognizes and supports our strategy, and we look forward to serving his mattress needs for years to come. Also, we are sorry for his parents’ loss.”

Wow. Now that’s how a company shows heart.

While Chase only got to see the new locations for a mere 24 hours before passing away, we’re sure this gave his life an incredible end. According to his family, even though he never got to buy a mattress in a low-pressure, customer-friendly environment, the idea of giving Clevelanders a Mattress Firm within walking distance was all he needed to die with a smile on his face.

Simply beautiful. Sleep well, Chase!