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Heartwarming: This Dog Spends Hours Each Day Sitting At The Grave Where Its Owner Is Buried Alive

If you think the world is a cold and unfeeling place, guess again, because this story is a wonderful reminder that love is real, and it’s incredibly powerful: This dog spends hours each day sitting at the grave where its owner is buried alive.

Uh…we’re not crying, you’re crying. This is a dog that has truly lived up to the title of “man’s best friend.”

When Jacob Wheeler of Portland, OR went to his local animal shelter looking for a pet, he immediately fell in love with a lab mix named Scout, and for the next 10 years the two were inseparable. So it comes as no surprise that when Jacob was buried alive last year, his bond with Scout lived on—every day, the amazingly loyal dog curls up protectively at the site where his owner is interred, refusing to leave Jacob’s side as he listens to his old master scream and claw at the lid of his casket underneath the ground.

So sweet! Dogs are truly the most loyal and kind-hearted animals in the world.

Friends often said that Jacob loved Scout more than anything, and it’s clear that that emotional connection went both ways because each morning, whether Jacob is thrashing around in his grave or just lying quietly, Scout makes a point of setting down with his favorite toy ball right where his owner is buried as if to say, “I miss you, let’s play fetch.” No matter how desperately Jacob’s muffled voice begs Scout to go find help, this loving pooch remains curled up at the foot of Jacob’s headstone, no doubt remembering all the amazing times the two of them had together.

This is truly the most wonderful story you’re going to read all day. It just goes to show that dogs will always love you, whether you’re giving them belly rubs or slowly suffocating in a premature grave. It’s safe to say that Scout will be visiting his owner’s grave for the rest of his life!