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Heartwarming: This Man Shaved His Head In Solidarity With His Drowning Wife

You might as well get the tissues out now, because you’re going to need them in a second.

James Weiss has loved his wife, Claudia, ever since the two met in high school. Now, after 12 years of marriage, he’s expressing that love in a really special way: When his wife started drowning in a swimming pool, he immediately went out and shaved his head in solidarity with her.

Wow. What a beautiful symbol of James’ devotion to his splashing, flailing wife. Husband of the year!

“As soon as Claudia started going under, I wanted to find a way to let her know that I was there for her,” said James, his once curly brown hair now reduced to stubble. “I thought, if shaving my head can make her feel less weird about drowning, then that’s what I need to do. To show her that she’s not alone in this and that we’re going to get through it together. As husband and wife.”

Beautiful. If you’re wondering what love looks like, it’s this. A man shaving his head as a show of support for the now-entirely-submerged love of his life.

Claudia’s got a long battle ahead, but she’s lucky to have such a steadfast partner in James. Through it all, he’ll be right there by the side of the pool cheering her on and encouraging her. Inspiring!