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Heartwarming: This Sick Kid Decided To Use His Last Breaths To Blow Up Gerard Butler’s Air Mattress

Will Robertson had only one thing left he wanted to do in this world.

When doctors gave the 8-year-old three months to live, the young boy and his parents were understandably crushed. Hoping to give the child a peaceful and fulfilling goodbye, hospital administrators bent over backwards to honor his last wish. The result is heartwarming: Will decided to use his last few breaths to inflate Gerard Butler’s twin-sized air mattress!


Medical professionals were on hand as Will was moved into a special wing of the hospital to complete his last request. No one present could keep it together as Will’s parents held his tiny hand while he struggled to blow up the 300 star’s Coleman air mattress.

In a touching final gesture, they helped their son close the opening valve just before he passed. What an incredible act from an incredible young man.

“Will didn’t want to go to Disney World,” said his father, Mark. “He didn’t even want to meet Gerard Butler. He just wanted to blow up his favorite actor’s air mattress. He was always thinking of other people. We’ll miss you, Will.”

Butler acknowledged the poignant moment in a tweet yesterday:

Wow. Will’s is such an uplifting story. Now, whenever Gerard Butler goes camping or needs to put up a houseguest for a few nights, Will Robertson’s memory will live on. He may have been taken from us far too soon, but no one can deny that he made an impact.