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Heartwarming: When A Gland Disorder Caused This Third-Grader To Gain Weight, His Classmates Each Put On 100 Pounds To Show Their Support

Get ready to bawl like a baby, because this is one story that’s guaranteed to warm your heart.

When 8-year-old Ian Stewart was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, he was scared. His disorder caused him to gain a significant amount of weight, and he grew concerned that his classmates would ostracize him because of it. But instead, Ian’s third-grade class did something incredible: They each put on 100 pounds to show their support.

Wow, what a beautiful gesture!

Ian’s feelings of trepidation turned to relief as he returned from his stay at the hospital to find all 17 of his classmates unthinkably larger than the last time he’d seen them. From exponentially increasing their caloric intake during lunch to foregoing gym class altogether, these third-graders worked hard to make Ian feel accepted, proving that the only thing bigger than their waistlines are their hearts.

As Ian went around hugging each and every classmate, many of whom tripled their weight in support of him, tears of joy ran down his face. Ian had been very worried that his condition would make him stick out, but now he’s actually on the slimmer side of his class, which just a few weeks ago weighed between 60 to 80 pounds a kid and today tip the scales at a heartwarming 173-pound average.

These kids have truly shown selflessness beyond their years.

“It was entirely the kids’ idea,” said teacher Karen Walton, who weighs in at 15 pounds less than the lightest student. “I suggested that we all make cards for Ian, but they surprised me when they immediately and unanimously responded that they wanted to become rotund, hulking versions of themselves instead. They really care.”

Simply amazing. We applaud these husky heroes for making Ian feel right at home. Adults, listen up: We could learn a thing or two about empathy from these very large kids!