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Heartwarming: When Their Boss Started Chemo, He Made Them All Shave Their Heads In Solidarity

Get the tissues ready, because this is just about the most touching story ever.

Going through chemotherapy is never easy, and it can be a very isolating experience. So when Watson Real Estate senior director Allen Haggerty got diagnosed with lung cancer, his amazing employees all did something to ensure that he wouldn’t feel alone. Just days after he started chemo, without any hesitation, Allen made all of his employees shave their heads in solidarity.

Wow, what a beautiful way to show their boss some support!

Allen was self-conscious about the prospect of going bald and looking out of place, so it was truly heartwarming to see all of his subordinates comply with his demand that they cut off their hair as well. Whether they were male or female, everyone on staff came out to obey their boss during this trying process.

On Monday morning, Allen’s entire team walked into a mandatory meeting to learn that he had recently started chemo and were each given a map with the five closest hair salons marked on it. Within two hours, everyone who reports to Allen was sporting a bald head, which sent a beautiful and powerful message: When explicitly instructed to by a superior, we all stand as one.

Wow. There’s no denying that Allen is lucky to have an incredible staff who were all too timid to say no to him. You go, Allen! Keep fighting the good fight and kick cancer’s ass!