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Heartwarming: When This Mother Tiger Lost Her Cubs During Birth, The Zookeepers Gave Her A Litter Of Piglets To Eat

It was a tragic day at the San Diego Zoo. Maaravi, a 12-year-old mother tiger, had just given birth to a litter of cubs when the unthinkable happened. Deprived of air, all six of her prematurely born children suffocated. Worried that Maaravi would fall into depression, zookeepers knew they had to cheer her up as quickly as possible. That’s when they did something truly amazing, and gave her a whole litter of piglets to eat!

Um, adorable much?

Knowing just how sad Maaravi was feeling, zookeepers wasted no time searching several nearby farms until they found what they were looking for: six piglets that, as luck would have it, were also orphaned! It was the perfect meal for Maaravi, who got rights down to business once the piglets were in her cages, taking her time to sniff them, nuzzle them, and gobble them down one by one!

Spectators soon flocked to her enclosure to watch her throwing her new favorite babies into the air and breaking their necks with her paw. In true tiger mom fashion, she even picked the runt up by its scruff and threw it against the glass, killing it instantly!

Gah! Too cute for words!

According to her keeper, Maaravi was happier than ever, and it was like she’d never lost her litter in the first place. So to all the people at the San Diego Zoo—thank you. This beautiful animal can be happy with a belly full of tender pig meat for a long time!