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Heartwarming: When This Restaurant Saw A Lonely Old Man Eating Across From A Photo Of His Dead Wife, They Gave Him A Way-Hotter Photo Of Carmen Electra

If you need an uplifting story to brighten your day, look no further, because this is bound to warm your heart for quite some time to come: When the waitstaff at this totally amazing restaurant saw a lonely old man eating across from a photo of his dead wife, they gave him a way-hotter photo of Carmen Electra.

Faith in humanity restored!

Before Maury Douglas lost his wife to cancer, it had been a long-held tradition for them to go to the Stagehouse Tavern every year on her birthday, a tradition he mournfully upheld this year with a portrait of his late wife taking her place at the table instead. The restaurant’s waitstaff realized they had to do something about this heartbreaking sight, so that’s when they decided to approach Maury’s table, remove the photo of his deceased wife, and upgrade it with a tremendously sexier snapshot of Carmen Electra wearing a revealing bikini at the beach. Needless to say, there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the whole place, seeing this elderly man go from having a pretty boring picture of his old wife to a professionally shot, erotic photo of ultra-babe Carmen Electra.

“The moment we saw Maury gazing longingly at that pretty plain photo of his wife, we knew exactly what to do,” said Stagehouse shift manager Sean Mahoney. “He’s been coming here forever at this point, so throwing out that boner-killing picture of his wrinkly, ancient wife in the dumpster and putting a racy photo of Carmen Electra practically bursting out of her tiny black dress in its place was the least we could do for him.”

The world would be a better place if we all took care of each other like this.

What a great example the Stagehouse Tavern is setting for its community. Aren’t you inspired to do the same thing next time you come across an old person eating alone? By going the extra mile and replacing a not-too-remarkable photo of Maury’s wife with ’90s bombshell Carmen Electra, this restaurant undoubtedly earned a few customers for life—us included!