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Heartwarming: When This Woman Lost All Her Life Savings At Herbalife, The Amway Community Welcomed Her With Open Arms

Now here’s a story that’s certain to brighten up your day.

When Grace Larkin joined Herbalife, the 38-year-old mother of two had no idea that the predatory pyramid scheme would leave her completely broke within the calendar year. But just as she was beginning to lose hope of ever recouping the savings she’d lost, something beautiful happened: The good people at Amway extended her a helping hand when she needed it most.

What a heartwarming story! This truly shows the power of community.

After a crushing experience with Herbalife led Grace to second-guess her financial decisions, the big-hearted folks at Amway helped her rebuild her self-confidence through a series of motivational videos that showed her how she could triple her income in a year all while being her own boss and setting her own schedule. Though Grace’s stint selling Herbalife had wiped her of her savings and driven her deep into debt, Amway offered to help her get back on her feet by signing Grace up for its platinum sales package, which would allow her to make up to $3,000 a week. And sensing that Grace was probably shaken up from her terrible experience with Herbalife, Amway even let her work entirely from the comfort of her own home.

But these saints at Amway didn’t stop there: Grace’s crushing Herbalife debt precluded her from purchasing all the Amway products she’d need to get her life back on track upfront, so a kindly Amway rep took time out of her busy schedule just to help Grace get an additional line of credit that would prove she wasn’t just investing in Amway—she was investing in herself. The supportive Amway community also encouraged Grace to mend personal relationships she had ruined pushing predatory Herbalife products by reaching out to friends and family about life-changing, high-quality beauty and lifestyle products from Amway.

Wow, what an amazing act of community. Grace’s story shows just how much good can happen when humans come together. The good people at Amway could have judged her for being shortsighted enough to fall into an Herbalife pyramid scheme. Instead, Amway immediately sent her incredible products that pretty much sell themselves to get her back on track. And that’s something to celebrate.

Good on you, Amway!