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Hillary’s Attack Dog! Elizabeth Warren Has Infiltrated Trump Tower By Disguising Herself As A Bellhop

You should probably think twice before messing with Elizabeth Warren.

Since this election cycle started, the 67-year-old U.S. senator has made it clear that she’ll do everything in her power to keep Donald Trump out of office, and her latest effort is no exception. In a move that definitively positions her as Hillary Clinton’s attack dog, Elizabeth Warren pulled out all the stops yesterday and infiltrated Trump Tower by disguising herself as a bellhop.

Whoa. Elizabeth Warren gives absolutely zero fucks!

As part of her latest string of attacks against the current Republican presidential nominee, Senator Warren is currently wearing a stolen bellhop’s uniform and hiding in plain sight inside of Trump’s luxury apartment building and nerve center of his campaign. Rather than wait for a green light from the Clinton camp, the liberal senator from Massachusetts cornered an unsuspecting Trump Tower employee in an alleyway and knocked him unconscious. After stealing his clothes and hiding his body behind a nearby dumpster, Warren reportedly donned his uniform and walked inside the building past security, totally undetected.

Yes. Just yes! Hillary might be the one running for president, but Elizabeth Warren is out for blood!

Since first putting on her bellhop disguise, the progressive icon has proceeded to learn as much about Trump Tower’s inner workings as humanly possible. Clinton might have to carefully choose her battles, but Warren answers to no one. For the last 24 hours, Warren has not only handled luggage for elite Trump Tower residents, but she’s also mapped out the building’s entire floor plan and committed it perfectly to memory. Bet you that Hillary wishes she could still do stuff like that!

While the cleverly disguised senator blows her whistle to hail taxis and gives directions to nearby NYC attractions, Trump Organization members walk in and out of Trump Tower without a clue they are being carefully watched by the leading progressive voice of our time. If you need even more proof that Elizabeth Warren isn’t afraid to take the fight to Trump, she also successfully tricked the head bellhop into going into the laundry room, then she propped the door closed with a chair so she could snoop through hotel documents and press a few keys into clay to make copies of them later.

Hell. Yes.

With so much at stake here, we can only hope Elizabeth Warren’s efforts are worth it. Should she be able to escape Trump Tower without getting into trouble with security, she and Hillary might be the most badass pair of women in the country. But one thing is absolutely certain: Donald Trump has been put on notice!