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How 6 Countries Around The World Celebrate Zachary Quinto’s Birthday

For millions across the country, June 2 is a hallowed and special day that honors the birth and life of Zachary Quinto. But what about others around the world? Here are the ways that six countries celebrate the ‘Star Trek’ star.

1. Nigeria

Tradition: Feast

Starting the evening of June 2, extended families gather together to eat, dance, and watch the 2011 film Margin Call.

2. Germany

Tradition: Quintonacht

On the night before Zachary Quinto’s Birthday, children dress up as Zachary Quinto and hide in bushes or behind trees. When an adult walks by, they jump out and shout “Quinto!” The adult pretends to be scared, and gives the child a sweet so as to pay them to no longer frighten them.

3. Italy

Tradition: Birthday Cake

A dozen “Quintettes” claw their way out of a gigantic birthday cake and dance to a live band.

4. Spain

Tradition: Quinto Paella

Thousands of Spaniards annually celebrate Zachary Quinto with what they hope is his favorite meal, a flavorful paella that serves 20-plus.

5. Japan

Tradition: Quinto Mask

Little boys and girls put on masks of Zachary Quinto’s face and perform a show for their parents, a tradition that many believe wards off bad spirits and invites good luck for the next year.

6. Peru

Tradition: Visiting the graves of the deceased

As much as Zachary Quinto’s birthday is a day to celebrate life, it’s also a day to honor death. Families visit the graves of the deceased and whisper memories of Quinto to their headstones.