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How Do You Stack Up? Here Is The Recruitment Puzzle General Mills Uses To Hire New Talent

Calling all geniuses!

General Mills is having an open casting call for top-rank positions, and they’re looking for the best and brightest minds they can get. On the back of select cereal boxes is a brain-busting puzzle that, if solved, could net you a high-ranking job at the prestigious Fortune 500 company.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Take a look below at the puzzle currently in circulation and see if you can demonstrate the cryptographic savvy to put you on General Mills’ radar.

What initially appears to be a wall of random letters is actually a fiendishly complex cipher designed to weed out everyone except the most highly intelligent individuals. According to General Mills, somewhere in that mess of characters are words written in plain English.

Successful code breakers are encouraged to post their results on social media and tag General Mills so that recruiters can contact them with additional instructions. What happens after that is unknown, with internet anecdotes suggesting everything from applicants being hired on the spot to another battery of tests that narrow down the field of elite candidates even further.

If you figure it out, let us know!