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How Many Of These Isaac Asimov Novels Have You Read?

How Many Of These Isaac Asimov Novels Have You Read?

One of the best-known writers of hard science fiction of all time, Russian-born writer and professor of biochemistry Isaac Asimov was also one of the most prolific, writing over 500 novels plus countless short stories over the course of his career. How many of his classic novels have you read? Take this quiz to find out!

Check off all of the Isaac Asimov novels you've read:

1. Clear My Schedule: A Robot Is Here
2. From Space Came The Zapping
3. A Krazy Little Planet Called Marz
4. Ronald Starr, Space Pervert
5. The Robot Who Winked At Time
6. When It Comes To Robots I Am Your Man
7. Norby, The Mixed-Up Moon Mule
8. 2,000,000 Words, All 'Robot'
9. The Moon That Came To Dinner Dressed As Father
10. I Don't Know What Planets Are And I Never Will
11. The Day The Sun Called Into Work Sick
12. The Robot Who Got Pregnant From The Moon
13. No More Room In The Universe For Saturn
14. Don't Worry, Children, Even Robots Have To Shit
15. The Spaceship That Flew From Indianapolis To Cleveland
16. Launchpads, Launchpads, Launchpads
17. A Strong Whiff Of Robot
18. Caves Full Of Outer Space
19. Norby, The Mule That Was Also A Clock
20. Guys, I Promise This One Is Not About Robots Please Read It
21. Norby Gets Mule Lupus In Space
22. On Mars Howled A Robot
23. The Robot Who Ski Jumped Onto The Moon
24. Smile, Little Telescope, For You Are Pointing At My Wife
25. Empire Of Space Things
26. The Gods Are Small And Vibrating
27. Robots Built This Honda
28. Destination: Somewhere
29. The Moonkillers Of Robot Gulch
30. Triangles, Shape Of The Gods
31. Issac Asimov's Tales Of Regular Things Happening

All 1 questions completed!

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How Many Of These Isaac Asimov Novels Have You Read?

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