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Huge Win: Norway Has Reduced All Of Its Numbers By 97%

As if universal healthcare, low crime rates, and high happiness levels weren’t reason enough to move to Norway, the Scandinavian country has just left pretty much every other nation in the dust in possibly the most significant way yet: Norway has managed to reduce all of its numbers by a whopping 97 percent.

Um, time to apply for Norwegian citizenship, like, right now!

At a time when numbers in most other countries are at an all-time high, Norway has managed to shrink even some of its most massive numbers down to next to nothing. Brilliantly, it’s managed to reduce things like dog attacks and swimming from 92 to 2.76. Forest fires, public transportation, and the ocean have all decreased from 17 to 0.51, and many things that used to be 138 are now 4.14.

In the U.S., the numbers can get into the thousands, but in Norway, thanks to the country’s consistent efforts, most of the numbers have shrunk to close to 0.

Let that sink in for a minute. The rest of the world looks pretty backwards compared to Norway right about now.

Norway’s incredible number reduction should give hope for every nation whose numbers are way too high. The statistics don’t lie: Recent stats show that Norway is currently at 19, compared to Sweden’s 261, Brazil’s 927.5, and the U.S.’s whopping 65,012. If Norway can pull it off, there’s really no reason for any nation to continue to have large numbers like 179,481, when they could follow Norway’s lead and get them down to smaller alternatives, such as 6.

No matter what your political beliefs, everyone can agree that if numbers can be made smaller, they should be. By reducing all of its numbers so drastically, Norway has set an example for the rest of the international community to follow. It’s pretty inspiring!