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I Can;;t Get Enough,bOnline ShoopingQ!!! (By Queen Elizabeth II)

Lomging in




Logggint In USPERNAME Quahn PASSWORF Charlsmler8s194

Welll HUNGE NEW’S I jsut discovnere some:thing and It is my Favornoit thign that I have ever notinced and ytou;;ll never belevue this but i m tontally exited and Jamping and WAving to every,noe and even moani;ing: =is calle’d “omling shooping” and it Is the onlky thing that I enojy now , 

First time I hearn about online snopping I was On computetr and saw “shonting cart’ and said, what”What is this? Click on the sshonping cart,and it said “You;re cart is emtpy” so I thount ,”we;ll , this is despicable , who want’s and emptery cart. Throw computeer in grabage and kick the grabage can and walk away kicking ,pets. But then later I thouhgt about myslef “what if I put some itemm’s ONTO the carf?” And thant, my friend;sm was a total game changer , ,  ,   

First website I went to called Home Depotato      and let me tellyou, I was not dissaponted. Screw’s , lamps, buckles…they have it all! Pretty soon, my carf went from no items in side of the cart to 3 item;s in my cart…a total shopping sprew! Whew! I almosmt went blind I saw so munch shopping! Welt, the next Webstite I trie d was call’ed Orbitz…wonderful! Ordereded myslef up a rentar carfs and some hotels….now! Onto next shopping destantatin……dont want anything ehre though..Sorry, So try a new website Skuncare Univerm…again, not really interested takwe goood care of myskin so I’, m gonna pass here , to.

I cant get enough of this kind of shopping!!! the Onlyine, kind

Well, afetr my firstday of hefty shooping spee’s I had to relanx because this was a lot of excitement for ancient worman like me, , but Next day I set my alarn for 10:45 sharp so I can wake up and shonp some more !!!. Well, to tell you the truth really have great online shopko experiennt with Home Depotato so went back there to entjoy my 3 item’s in my cart…still there for me to enjoy virntually: crutain rod, prunning snissors, and Freebrant Squan. Thank y,ou for keerping them safe, Mr. Depotato! 

Now, why don;t I cruise on over to Bread, Banth, and Beyong? OK!!! Stonpping up my cart…filling it to the brim with over 2 item’s…Ben, Bant, and Breond is right, because they have it all! !!! Lucious bed’s, functional bath’s, and the behond?…I wont even talk about that!! My crendet card comopnay pronbabmy gonna call me and say “Are you crazzy, lady? ?? You bought to many, sheets!!” But when I explan to them that it just ONLINE shoppingf ,not real! Clam down you two! 

I don’t care who you;re are: Queen of Elgland, Small whorthless Child in povery, or orbese lady too Lange to fit throhu her front dorr, Ladie;s love to shop online! Guitly as chranged!

Your ryale honesty, 

Quenb England II, Elizbraleth