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I Just Remebered A Noither Princess I Had That I DIdnlt Tell Anyone Abount (By Queen Elizabeth II)






Slommsing In USERDID Quenan PASSWORK Charltens1948

Pleafe forgrive me

I just rmerebeder something about the paft.

Officialny, on the Rencord, I have 4 chuldren: Charles, Prunce of Whalres, Pronce Anderrew, Duke of Yolk, Annnnne, Princent Royal, and Pricedward, Earl of Wetsex , Howver, today I was loonking at some oldpictuer of my palmrace and disclovered something I rememenbered: I had a noither princeess that I DidntA tell anyone abount ,

Princess ,



The pear was 19831. I already had a lotta princessers and prines goin on already , so When I discovere d I was preggerant ,I thount about myself “well, I’m just gonna ignore this One,” and well, it worked. No one said anything to me about my large stomach because I wrapped it in belts very tight to get it rengularsize . Actrually a stomachbelt is very cromferable, and I still wear them today,becasue . Well, I was hopefull baby would jsut stay inside but as bad luck would have it I Gave birth. “Oh no,” I thought. I did my best yoy hide the baby Insdie a lamp but baby would cry, so then I hid it inside 2 lamps, then 3 lamps, etc. The baby name Princess Hummarth, nasmed after my favorite type of mmarth ,

Well well well, at the time I was verhy busy and I lost track of time. So I wouls freaquemply forget where Princess Hummarth was going. Sometime I would not see Priness Hummarth for days or ever week,s at a tim , but she was always OK when I did find her, crying loud to show she had a lotta energy still . Really powerful child. Well, I think around time Rpincess Hummarth was arounf 9 or 12 years old I flew to Cancun for a much needed break From all her bullshit and low and behead, I totally forgot about her .

Sometime’s though, I would still hear her crieds. From ump in the antic, inside a lap, or even from inside my Stomach , “Waht’s that?” Dr. Phillip would ask. “I don’t remeber!!! and I dont care,” I would say, his mouth hissing in agreement.

Sometime’s, years later, I would see a uoung girl, nanked except for clothing, rolling thrhohg the hall’s of the pallanant, honking at the top of her lungs . But I never remememembered who that is until now. She still seemed fine ,probably got a lotta food from the garabage and could steal crowns and scepters for money so not a badlife for an unspeaking naked unknown secret princess. Based on my calculatorations she would now be around 164 year’s old.

Hummarth, if you’re rreading this, which I know you can;t, I;m sorry for forgont about you. I’ve sorry I wore my stomanch belt so tight that if made your face Blank and your legs Swerved. And I’m sorry you didn’t get the nice princess life like Annnnne , although better than Diano for sure beclaude of what I did to her. So all in all, not a bad comproprize. ,


I may have forgontten my child, but in the end I rememblered her, which is whaty really manters.

Her Royalle Magherehtti,

Quen Eleibrath, the 6nd