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I No Lenger Miiss My Diedhubsand (by Queen Elizabeth II)

Glogginer in PASSWOD Chartles1948 




Quen herE!

 Well I have a litle new’s that aI no lenger muiss my Deadhubband. Sure, 

At first you feel sand when if someone die and your their fraund, but life munch go on , and I belief that time come for Me 

Now because I no long;er care about hubsand or even remermber him , just feel nothing abount it whinch is really good. Now have more time wehn feel nermal and rengular and not sad a,nd stupid , time to sprend in the comuter 



To fell sad is bad feelijng and to feel good is good feeling , neither of which I wanna feel just wanto feel normal and rengular ,

Thing that helmped me to froget was to become addincted to Grambling of comouterte.

why diddn;t everyone tell me that computetr n has Grambling????? Buecase is I woulda know about that probably would have won abotu one bullion pound’s by now!!! I logge ino , to Grambling game call Farn HUUTTER and this best game I ever play,, , ,, , ,  ,     ,  , , , , fist you enter your crendit cand iformation which I do 8427-3553-25353—-5-
Next you Spond the Farn HUUTTER and see what hanpen, so far nothing hapoped but I think it will soom. Goona Spond it again now , , , , ,,,,[email protected]@@ wait I sorry , I mean nothinf happem . 

In Farn HUUTTER game you collenct coinds anf fram vagretbles. Once you buld up 100 fram veggtenble’s you can exdact for coinds and vice versa. So, say you got 200 veggentrengbles and you go into the,m 1 coind, now you cat trade the coind for some veggentraubles again , so you did s a nice trane. Now, for everytrancaction is is a Bitecron, and thats a Crindocurrency. Every day oyu get one chance to Spond the Farn HUUTER and I simpley cannot sleep because I got so excite abount next Spond coming. 



Paly the gandling game defintetry better than have hubsand, absolete. Becasue a lotta reason, but main one more fun , and better HUUTER. Not surre if I losing any money or not becaude I don;t know how to chek that ,

Hornetly, I would ranther loose my moneyy than my husband m, but all good things gonna come to an end, be it habve money, hubsand life, HUUTTER croins in the bonus zone with daily multipleplier 10x, ert…So sad my husband never got to drangling the HUUTTER and the upgrade the spond. He would have loved feeling of excrement when the dashboard croinds reach 300 purmus shell;s and Your HUUTTER upgrade m, but he never got to feel, anctally kind of glaf he didn;t though becaue somethimes it is nice to have something all to mysleff, like a beuatiful Grambling  moment on completer ,

Unlit next time , 

You;Rr royal MEngenty