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If Any Autistic Kids Are Tryna Go To Prom With Me, I’d Be More Than Happy To Do That Shit (By Logan Paul)

Yo, for real? All over the world, there are people with fucked-up problems about them. It especially bums me out when I see kids with disorders and diseases so wild n’ out that they’re unable to grow up living a Maverick lifestyle, like myself and millions of my fans in the Logang do. This is why I want to give back, and use my platform (“Logan Paul Vlogs” on YouTube, smash that subscribe button) to bring some joy into their lives. So, if any autistic kids are tryna go to prom with me, I’d be more than happy to do that shit.

You got autism and no prom date? Say no more, fam. I’m down with you having autism, and I’m game to go to prom with you and snap some pics, throw ’em on my socials, whatever.

Ayo, lemme get real with you for a minute. When you’re an internet mega-star with the fastest growing YouTube channel, millions of dollars in merch money (, and a P.R. team with dope-ass ideas like this one, you gotta remember that there are people in the world who don’t have as much as you, and on top of that, they got autism too. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fans, and of course, that means all the autistic Logangsters out there too. The least I could do is show up to an autistic Logang Pauler’s house on prom night with my whole film crew, Tokyo drift up to prom in my purple Bugatti—my new autistic amigo in the passenger seat yellin’ “skert skert”—and then throw that shit on my YouTube channel (Logan Paul Vlogs, like and subscribe, binch). You let me know, and I’m there.

Let me help you win prom king or queen and throw that heartwarming shit online to rack a milli views, my autistic Logangringos.

Fam, this is real talk. I’m tryna show my autistic groupies such a good time at prom that all the non-autistic kids on the dance floor will wish they had some autism too. I’ll make it rain free Maverick socks and Logang swag ( on you and your whole autism crew on the dance floor. No expenses spared. That’s a Logan Paul promise to each and every kid who asked someone to prom only to be told “nah” because they are autistic.

Bro, I will literally cry tears in my eyes at the end of the night when I leave prom and I will personally thank you for teaching me so much shit about autism as I head home to do pranks with my friends back at my mansion. Yo, fam, I swear to God I’ll even use my autistic prom date in a signature Logan Paul prank, just like the prank where I put my dwarf friend Evan in a suitcase and checked him on an airplane. I’m ready to use all the resources at my disposal to show the world that Logan Paul is happy to use you in a prank, even if you are autistic, or small, or whatever issue you got going on. That’s what I’m all about.

Comment on literally any of my vids, “I am autistic and I gotta go to prom with Logan Paul,” and I’ll hop on a luxury private jet and fly to you, pronto. YUH, son!

Straight up, I’m gonna be real with you right now: Yeah, I’ve had some controversies, but I’ve grown. I’ve matured. Today, I sell merch to children as a better person than I was before (, and if I can raise autism awareness while slinging T-shirts and hoodies to Logang-bangers afflicted with that sad shit, I’m beyond open to it. After all, the mission of Logan Paul Vlogs (check that shii on YouTube) is to make the world a better place, which is why nothing would make me more hyped than to do a video where I slow-dance, dab, and grind on an autistic kid who no one wanted to go to prom with. The Maverick lifestyle wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t make an autistic kid achieve viral immortality on the most poppin’ YouTube channel going (Logan Paul Vlogs, on YouTube, watch and subscribe, yeet yeet).

Yo, also, if my prom date dies of autism, I could make another daily vlog about how they changed my life. I got their back like that. That’s how hard I’m willing to ride for the autistic youngins who all love me so much.

Let me hit you with some real-ass truth right now: In the Logang, we don’t listen to the haters, we don’t listen to the naysayers, the doubters, the pouters. We listen to the millions of kids out there who spend prom night at home being autistic and watching my vids all alone—and we do something about it. Logan Paul got nothing but love for autism people, and to prove it I’ll take a bunch of ’em to prom, and I know you’ll be out there liking and subscribing to my channel (Logan Paul Vlogs, the one and only, check it out on to let me know you’ve got love for me and my decision to go on a date with these autism people. Ight, I’m peacing outta this bitch. Don’t forget to check out my daily vlogs tomorrow (on, Logan Paul Vlogs, hottest channel in the game).

Dab out, son!!!