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If I See Anyone Dressed Like Sirhan Sirhan This Halloween, They Will Be Getting A Piece Of My Mind

Halloween is a time when children and adults alike can have fun playing make-believe, but it seems like, for every creative costume worth celebrating, there are dozens more that toe the line of what is appropriate. Now, I’ve seldom been one to cast stones on this issue, but mark my words: If I see anyone dressed like Sirhan Sirhan this Halloween, they will be getting a piece of my mind.

I don’t care if it’s a joke. I don’t care if it’s meant to be ironic. Dressing up like the coward who murdered Robert F. Kennedy is beyond tone-deaf. It’s disgraceful, and if I see it anywhere, I’m giving that person an earful, because there’s simply no excuse.

It just boggles the mind to think that someone would stoop so low as to cash in on the shock value of being Sirhan Sirhan. That donning the white dress shirt, slacks, and disheveled hairdo of an infamous assassin should be someone’s twisted idea of a Halloween stunt. I won’t have it.

Parents, that especially goes for you. If you dress your child up like Sirhan Sirhan, they will not be getting candy, and they will not be among the children invited in to show their costumes to my grandfather. You, on the other hand, will get plenty, beginning with a phone call from me. Bet your life on it.

I don’t want to see sexy Sirhan Sirhan. I don’t want to see “crazy dancing” Sirhan Sirhan, where you hang the loose khakis in front of your pair of black pants. And God help the Sirhan Sirhan I find wandering around the party asking if anyone knows where RFK is. That kind of thing is not going to fly with me. We’re talking about the man who assassinated a man who could have been one of our greatest leaders.

It comes down to a matter of basic empathy. No, you may not find anything wrong or offensive about going as Sirhan Sirhan, but there are those who do. And you’d do well to keep us in mind, because for any Sirhan Sirhans unfortunate enough to cross my path this Saturday night, there will be hell to pay.