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If You’re In A Big Rush, All You Need To Know Is Some Guy Set Up A GoFundMe

So, here’s something that will restore your faith in humanity. The full story is incredibly inspiring, but if you only have a few minutes, all you need to know is that some guy set up a GoFundMe.

In a hurry? No worries. You can safely bail right here and feel confident that you’ve got most of it covered.

In terms of what’s going on, the gist of it is that someone made a page to ask for funding, and now that’s out there somewhere. Some people will get postcards in a couple months. That’s pretty much the whole deal.

This is the guy that wanted the money.

Maybe seeing what he looks like is important to you. You can donate if you want to get in on that. The process of finding GoFundMe campaigns and entering your credit card information on their site is fairly well-documented, so we’ll skip all of that in the interest of time.

The meter looks like this right now.

Not much more to see here. This guy saw a problem, and you can pretty much fill in the blanks from there. There’s a little more about how he got the idea, but one of the videos on the page does a good job of explaining it, in case you have time to go into all of that.

Oh, they made the page last week. Not sure if that affects how you feel about it, but there you go.

So yeah, that’s it. You got all you needed to know about this one. We understand life moves fast, but if you can spare a few minutes to share it on Facebook, by all means go for it. Thanks for your time.