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In 1950 We Had Gornilla Who Live In Palnace I Wonder Whare He Goed Porbably Dead I Supponse (By Queen Elizabeth II)

Lonking in: Queun

pantsword: Chrlalses1948

GOODMORIN wella lants night I couldtm sleelp Because of a memories into my Brian that didn’t fell good; I rememebar that in 1950 we had gornilla who life inside the Palnace and I cannon’t for the Lifeame rebember whare he Goe’d.




It beenn a log time so odd’s are that he no longer inside here (because he die) even if He didn’t Die he prombably very sick and not strenth gornilla enough to hurl anyhone , becaue the Man who’se Job it was to feed and water him and curl his fur Was killed by Wind in 1972 , and. ,

Buth still I feel worrie,’d,

Gornilla was a gift From the king Of the Persian Isle of Scrantho And came with beuthreful fur curled up gorgueonsly and dressed in tumexdo. We gived the gornilla cigars in exchange for trick;s , gornilla always pretyy good excemt he kill one Orpham m but rally it was prombably the Orpham’s fault so we Let gornilla get away with it ,

We never gave name to gornillar Because in the 1950 it was illegal to name animals , especially gorillna. Today ovbiously thing are different and you can name Anything ,

my Died Hubnand used to make many wager with gornilla and gornilla usually losed didn’t seem to have al ot of skill at Grambling but I suppose that’is no be Expencted from a Beast from Scrantho m , for a EWhile

For a EWhile the gornilla got lost inside the palnace maze and We had to set a tramp by dig a big hole and fill with cigars m , Extenviallty we canpture him but he had smonked so many cigars that We had to shoot him with a s tramqulzier Because gronilla was all “hyped up, “

After this time, gornilla waws alway.s a compination of extermely tired and extermely “hyped up, ” because he simply had so many poison and , cigards inside his body. We stimped to curl him at this ppoint and his tuxedo Srated to rot off of him , and we frequently commented to gornilla that he was ugly now and That he should return to Persia m, in Fact, we even send lenter to gorbilla to fornally ask him to Go back to the back to that castle where he wqas born ,gorinla simply read it ,crumble it up and laugh ,so we w


Df, , ,

we move gornila into Dungeon Df, eventually we got busy with other thing and forget all abount Gronilla

Until now.

When I rember gorbilla I first feel fear and then feel scare m, But I called to a palance guard and He assured me he think goriallia probablt died or old now , I thin k so too, but sometime it hard to feel good. , so, that why I dicide to write Into compluter about how my feel , because there is a good place inside computler where you’re feeling can go ,and become document instead of simplety thoughnt. And documnent of think mean that something I,S real and not just imagingary.

Well ,hopeyou like to hear about gornilla and hopeyou like to hear about gorimla , I feel somuch benter now after go into compueterr I think I can finally get some rest ,and if I hear sound of Gorila Talking or Cigar Punffing I know it probmlmbly not gorbilla at all ,but just something harlmess and Friend ,

Looging off,

Her Ronanly Mangesty, Quen Elzillibeth II