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Inclusivity Win! Mr. Incredible Will Be Played By An Asian-American In An Upcoming ‘The Incredibles’ Porn Parody

It’s no secret that the film industry has a diversity problem. Movie producers just aren’t willing to cast minority actors in lead roles. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear that the upcoming The Incredibles porn parody The Incredibangers just cast an Asian-American actor in the lead role of Mr. Incredible.

Take note, movie studios: This is representation done right!

Some internet trolls will no doubt be upset and throw online hissy fits complaining that, because the original Mr. Incredible is a blond, blue-eyed white man, his pornographic parody should also be white. But honestly, why does the porn version of Mr. Incredible have to be white? The only important character trait about porn-Mr. Incredible is that he uses his super-strong penis to defeat supervillains by fucking them to orgasmic exhaustion, not the color of his skin.

No, this isn’t “ruining” Mr. Incredible. This is letting The Incredibles reflect the real world, where people of all races and ethnicities have hardcore fuckfests together. When you see an Asian-American Mr. Incredible using his superhuman strength to wheelbarrow his Caucasian wife, Elastigirl, on top of a set designed to look like Syndrome’s island lair, that’ll be a beautiful symbol of hot, genital-jamming coexistence that’s long overdue on screen.

The best part of this casting choice is that no special attention is brought to Mr. Incredible’s race in the movie. Syndrome and Mirage don’t comment on the superhero’s Chinese heritage during their BDSM three-way after capturing Mr. Incredible and immobilizing his penis with a forcefield cock ring. Mr. Incredible is treated as just another person, which is how things should be.

Whether Mr. Incredible is 69-ing a surprisingly nimble Edna Mode, or having sex with Frozone’s wife while Frozone watches and masturbates, the only thing that’ll seem out of place is that Asian-American actors don’t have a more prominent role in Hollywood.

It’s up to the public to speak with its wallets, and buy plenty of DVDs of The Incredibangers when it appears in adult video stores. That’s the only way film studios will learn to be inclusive.