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Inclusivity Win? This Craft Supply Company Will Begin Making Asian Googly Eyes

Get ready for a story that may or may not be a huge step forward for racial equality.

After decades of googly eyes only coming in round shapes, national arts and crafts supplier Hester is rolling out a line of Asian googly eyes, which is either an amazing display of inclusivity or unbelievably insensitive.

This is a good thing, maybe?

In a press release that either signals progress or will further perpetuate Asian stereotypes, Hester announced that over the next month, customers will begin seeing Asian googly eyes on shelves next to the conventional circular ones that have been around for decades. In a country where “regular” often just means “white,” seeing a company making something specifically for a minority audience is…inspiring?

It’s really anyone’s guess.

Asian-American elementary schoolers will no longer feel left out during craft time, or maybe they’ll be ridiculed even more by their non-Asian classmates thanks to these Asian googly eyes. It could definitely go either way.

Hopefully, the Asian-American community has been asking for these. That would be a huge relief.

So, get ready for another option next time you’re at the craft store, and with it, a powerful symbol of diversity or a reaffirmation that racism permeates every level of our society. Asian googly eyes are happening, and we have Hester Art Supply to thank or possibly blame.