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Incredible Discovery: Historians Now Believe That The Egyptians Finished The Pyramids In, Like, A 2-Week Stretch Where They Were In The Zone And It Just Flowed Out Of Them

While historians have long debated how the Great Pyramids were constructed, a new theory has emerged that may put all other arguments to rest: It’s now believed that the Egyptians finished the pyramids in, like, a two-week stretch where they were in the zone and it just flowed out of them.

Absolutely incredible! There’s finally a definitive theory behind how the pyramids were constructed!

Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge excavating a dig site on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, recently uncovered a collection of ancient papyrus scrolls indicating that the first several centuries the Egyptians spent building the pyramids, they only laid down a couple of bricks while struggling to envision the final product, but that those final two weeks is when everything mentally clicked and it kind of began to feel like the pyramids were building themselves.

The researchers have also found that it wasn’t until building crews went down to the Nile for a half-hour break to clear their heads that the creative juices started flowing and they finally felt inspired, setting off a two-week period in which the Egyptians worked furiously to finish the pyramids in a rush of creativity and motivation that made the whole project come together so quickly that it seemed like the building crews were basically reading each other’s minds.

“A careful analysis of the historical materials recovered at our dig site indicate that the construction of the pyramids took place predominantly during a two-week period when Egyptian laborers were pulling all-nighters and forgetting to eat lunch because they were so in the zone and wanted to bust out the pyramids before they crashed,” said chief archaeologist Dr. Adrian Hernandez. “We believe that the Egyptians were in such a groove during that two-week period that they also built the Sphinx from the ground up, even though Pharaoh Khufu never asked them to. It was just an extra idea they had, and they had all this creative energy, so they figured they should just bang it out.”

Wow. It’s pretty awesome that a team of hardworking scientists can come together to shed light on one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world. These archeologists have completely changed our understanding of Ancient Egypt and proven once again that science is pretty much the coolest thing in the world!