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Incredible: This Amazing Artist Depicted What John Lennon Would Look Like If He Were Alive Today And Far Away

When John Lennon was shot outside his home on December 8, 1980, the world lost one of its most talented and beloved artists. Though we may never know what things would have been like if Lennon’s life hadn’t been cut so tragically short, a talented young illustrator has found a pretty cool way to give fans a glimpse at what could have been: This artist depicted what John Lennon would look like if he were alive today and very far away!

Wow. It is truly surreal to see John Lennon looking so old, so lifelike, and so incredibly far away after all this time.

Combining her artistic abilities with advanced age-prediction technology, Los Angeles-based artist Grace Marsh has seemingly brought the music icon back to life and as far away as we’ve ever seen him. Thanks to her impeccable work, Beatlemaniacs can now strain their eyes to see a tiny 78-year-old version of John Lennon’s face, imagining a universe in which Mark David Chapman never fired that fatal bullet, and then at some point Lennon decided to go stand at the other end of a big meadow or mall parking lot. You have to wonder how Paul or Ringo might feel looking at this lifelike image of their old friend, wishing they could call out to him, only to realize he can’t hear because he’s way in the distance, to the point where barely even a friendly wave would register to the naked eye.

Simply amazing. It’s truly incredible how one simple picture of a beloved musician almost entirely out of view due to how far away he is can be so powerful, and so bittersweet. We like to think that Lennon is smiling down from a better place, totally impressed with Marsh’s work. RIP, John—we miss you!