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Incredible: This Inner-City Teacher Can Finally Use The Private Jet Tax Credit To Take Her Kids On A Field Trip To The Louvre

While the long-term impact of the newly passed Republican tax plan remains uncertain, there’s already one American who is reaping the benefits, and her story is absolutely heartwarming: This inner-city teacher can use the tax credit she now receives on her private jet so that she can fly her students to an educational field trip at the Louvre!

It’s official: Chalk this one up as a win for America’s underdogs!

Thanks to the GOP’s tax reform, Ms. Nadia Perez, a sixth-grade teacher in the Newark public school system, will now be able to take full advantage of the bill’s provision that drastically reduces the amount of taxes she needs to pay on the private jet she owns, and now she can put those leftover financial resources into loading all the children she teaches onto her luxury jetliner and taking them to some of the greatest museums around the world!

This incredible tax credit opens so many doors for inner-city schoolteachers like Ms. Perez, who have struggled for so long to scrape together the funds to fly their students to the Louvre in their private jets. Now that the tax code has been reformed to make sure educators aren’t unfairly taxed on their Airbus ACJ319 airliners, Ms. Perez and thousands of teachers in struggling districts will be able to help their students get the educations they deserve by using their chartered leisure aircraft to fly them to educational and culturally enriching destinations all over the world!

The GOP’s much-needed tax relief for teachers who own private jets isn’t just going to help them fly their students on incredible field trips! Now that Ms. Perez no longer has to pay taxes on the maintenance, storage, fueling, and onboard crew of her personal jet, she has more funds than ever to spend on classroom supplies such as chalk and textbooks, which her school district has been struggling to afford for years.

Absolutely amazing. Ms. Perez’s story is proof that Republican lawmakers have accomplished something they can be proud of. Bravo to the GOP for helping out jet-owning teachers in disadvantaged schools in such a huge way!