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Incredible! This Sister-In-Law Made It All About Her Again!

Well, she’s done it again, and we’re speechless. This woman is beyond belief.

Internet, meet Cassie Billings, the amazing sister-in-law who’s able to turn seemingly any normal, harmless family gathering into a full-fledged one-woman show about her and her problems.

We all remember the incident at last year’s Thanksgiving, and let’s not forget about the whole breakup episode, an all-time classic from 2004, but you gotta admit, this is impressive. Laura has three young kids right now, Mike’s being so good about taking care of Dad, and this one brave woman has the gall to talk about Anne planning her wedding for the same weekend as hers? That’s just perfect. We love it!

Um, can we just take a timeout and appreciate how important she is for a minute? Can we do that? Seriously, let’s just apologize for underappreciating her all the time, because everyone in the world deserves to know what a saint this inspiring woman is!

Unbelievable. Guess this PROVES once and for all we can’t even have a barbecue. We can’t.

Cassie wins. Congralutations, Cassie. You’re making the world a better place.