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Incredible: This Very Crafty Man Turned His Television Into A Fish Tank, But That Was The Last We Heard From Him. Hope He’s Okay.

Attention DIY crafters: The bar has officially been raised.

When technology gets obsolete, most people just throw it away, but Mark Dobson had a better idea for his old analog television. Rather than discard it to rot at the dump, Mark embarked on a brilliant DIY project to transform the TV into a fish tank, but troublingly, that’s the last we heard from him.

He isn’t answering his phone, and we’re starting to get worried.

Dobson posted a photo gallery on Imgur showing the clever step-by-step process to hollow out the TV’s plastic shell and install a waterproof tank inside, but he hasn’t answered any of the questions in the comments or given a like to anyone complimenting his totally cool work that is functional and sustainable. Facebook says that he’s online, but he doesn’t respond if you send him a message, which suggests an internet connectivity problem at his apartment. But even then you would think Mark would just hop on 4G to interact with fans of his work. The photo gallery also includes a full list of building instructions if you want to make a TV fish tank for your own home, which really speaks to how great and thoughtful a person Mark is.

God, we hope he’s all right.

In a creative twist, the television’s knobs have been repurposed to change the color of the fish tank’s lights, and maybe he just went on vacation without telling anyone? But the tank’s coolest feature of all is the illuminated photograph in back showing the set from Seinfeld, so it looks like the fish are hanging out in Jerry’s apartment. Mark suggests dropping in the set from your favorite TV show into your own DIY fish-tank TV, in what hopefully aren’t his last words. None of the local hospitals have a Mark Dobson admitted, and it’s hard to tell if that’s good or bad.

Mark, if you’re reading this, we’re scared and we love you and we love your badass TV fish tank. It’s an incredibly cool way to recycle what would have otherwise been a piece of junk. Please let us know you’re okay.