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Incredible: When She Passed A Couple Trapped In Their Flipped Car, Dakota Fanning Squatted Down And Watched Them

When you’re a celebrity, it’s easy to turn your back on the rest of the world, but one star just showed what true commitment to the public looks like. When Dakota Fanning happened to pass a young couple trapped in their overturned car, she didn’t leave it for someone else to deal with: She squatted down nearby and watched them!

Wow. Talk about a down-to-earth star!

Late that night, Carly and Ian Geller were returning from Malibu when a blowout on a secluded canyon road sent their vehicle rolling over the shoulder and into a ditch. With the doors crumpled and their tank leaking gas, it seemed like there was no way out for the Gellers. But it was just then that War Of The Worlds star Dakota Fanning walked out of the gloom, hunkered down by the crash, and gazed unblinking at the couple as they struggled to free themselves.

Anyone passing by might have gone over to investigate, but Dakota went the whole nine yards. Through the entire night, she never left the couple’s side, and she never averted her eyes. As the Gellers feebly tried to use their house keys to cut through their jammed seatbelts, she was there watching intently. When they freed a phone from Ian’s pocket and discovered the canyon blocked cell service, she was still looking on. Even when a coyote came to sniff around the car, Dakota didn’t move an inch!

Amazing. How many stars would do that?

For six hours, the model and actress stayed completely fixed in place, not speaking. Only when dawn broke and emergency vehicles eventually followed the smoke to the wreckage did she finally rise up off her haunches. But even as she walked up the road, she kept her eyes trained on the crushed windshield. If the Gellers pull out of critical condition, it sounds like they’ll have one hell of a story to tell!

Say what you will about celebrities, but Dakota Fanning is clearly one of a kind.