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Ingenuity FTW: Under Armour Unveiled A New Hoodie With An Additional Hood In Front That You Can Vomit Into

Under Armour has knocked it out of the park with an innovation guaranteed to solve an annoying, everyday problem: They’ve just announced a new line of hoodies with an additional hood in front that you can vomit into.

Whoever designed this hoodie is an absolutely genius. What a total game-changer!

The first of its kind, Under Armour’s new VomX line of hoodies combines their signature sleek, athletic style of hoodie with an innovative front hood that the wearer can vomit into anytime, anywhere. Yep. The design means no more having to go out of your way to find a garbage can or toilet to vomit into, or getting cold after taking off your hoodie to puke. How no one thought of this simple yet ingenious solution to a common issue before is just beyond us.

Um, Under Armour? Take all our money now, please!

A slick commercial for the line debuted earlier today, showing off its eye-catching design and the six dazzling colorways to choose from. The ad also gave us a glimpse of the hoodie in action, showing a long-distance runner throwing up in the front hood without losing a single step while inspiring, cinematic music plays in the background. Under Armour ends the ad by stating that the hoodie will arrive in two weeks, but, honestly, we need to get our hands on one now!

Additional details reveal that the stylish hoodie will combine Under Armour’s classic, sweat-wicking fabric with new, state-of-the-art vomit-trapping technology guaranteed to seal the puke inside so the wearer can safely vomit in their hood as they continue on with their athletic activity. Under Armour’s proprietary front hood will also be generously large enough to contain up to 2 gallons of puke, meaning that the hoodie can conveniently withstand multiple vomits before needing to be emptied and washed.

With clothing as brilliantly designed as this, it’s no wonder why Under Armour is one of the top names in athletic wear. While we only have our imaginations to satiate us for now, once the VomX line drops, it’s guaranteed to be our new favorite hoodie!