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Inspiring: This Amazing Organization Gives Disgraced Former Politicians A Second Chance At Life By Setting Them Up With 6-Figure Consulting Gigs

Here’s a story that will have you on your feet.

After getting ousted from office, disgraced politicians across the nation often find themselves in dire straits. But thanks to the amazing organization NewStarts, these down-on-their-luck politicians are being set up with six-figure consulting gigs and a second chance at life.

Absolutely incredible.

Whether they embezzled money, accepted illegal gifts from lobbyists, or sexually harassed their subordinates, NewStarts helps any and all ex-politicians get the new lease on life they so desperately need. Rather than rotting away in their estates, these political pariahs are able to shed their disreputable pasts as public servants and make millions of dollars in the private sector. All told, a whopping 98 percent of defamed politicians who walk through NewStarts’ doors end up with a prestigious consulting job within two months.

“These contemptible public servants still have so much to offer,” explained Tania Rodriguez, founder and CEO of NewStarts. “I’m extremely proud that we are able to showcase their experience and connections in Washington to help them land extremely powerful and lucrative consulting positions.”

To prevent them from sliding back into their old lives of defrauding constituents, NewStarts ensures that the vulnerable men and women stay in the safety of private companies that do not have to disclose employee names or salaries and are not accountable to government oversight committees.

“When our clients work, they regain many important things, including dignity, sense of purpose, and the ability to make ungodly amounts of money without the threat of indictment or the public having any idea of what they’re up to,” said Rodriguez. “When I see a politician who just a short time ago was facing an ethics committee for accepting a lavish vacation show up to work at the very Wall Street bank that gave them that vacation, I know we’ve done important work.”

Who says there are no second acts in life?

If NewStarts sounds like something you want to be a part of, the organization is a nonprofit with branches all over the country, so they’re always looking for volunteers to help staff their offices. And if you’re a potential client who abused your power while in office, check out NewStarts’ website to find the office closest to you that can help match you with a major consulting firm in your area. Good luck!