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Interesting: Did You Know All Articles On Have A Comment Section Where You Are Free To Blatantly And Publicly Cheat On Your Spouse?   

Here’s a pretty neat fact you might not be aware of: Every article on has a comment section where you are free to blatantly and publicly cheat on your spouse.

Holy cow! This is great news for anyone looking to proudly slam or get slammed by a side piece out in the open for the whole world to see. 

That’s right, down below every Article, Blog, List, and even Quiz, there’s a section called ‘Our Community,’ which is basically code for ‘The Public Cheater’s Paradise.’ All you and the person you’re fucking behind your spouse’s back have to do is create accounts and start getting down, sexually, in those comments! Feel free to share your full name, birthday, address, and anything else that proves it’s really you while you and someone other than your spouse are banging away, nasty-style! There’s even an option to upload photos, so you’re free to upload a pic of yourself cheating on your spouse so everyone, your partner and kids included, knows it’s really you out there having an illicit affair in real time on the internet.

Sure, a lot of websites have comment sections, but once you’ve cheated in the comments section, we think you’ll agree that our comment section is THE comment section for the discerning adulterer. Of course, that’s not to say that your husband or wife isn’t going to see you proudly 69ing with a coworker or close friend on and start chasing you around the comments with a frying pan. That certainly can happen. That’s the risk you take. But it’s also just as likely that beloved ClickHole commenters like ItsBrad8888 and JumboShrimp5 will see you cheating in the comments and be like, “Whoa, good for you! Way to cheat on your spouse!”

Now, you might be thinking, “But I’m pretty busy with all of these affairs I’m having. Can’t I just brazenly cheat on my spouse in the comments section of ClickHole’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds so I don’t have to click through to your actual website?” No, the answer is no. You have to do it on 

Awesome. Everyone needs an easy place to cheat in front of everyone, and is the place to do it. 

At, we care about our users, so we will never prevent you from getting the extramarital action you desire our comments. We aren’t here to judge, we’re here to foster an online community where people can flagrantly and publicly make a mockery of their wedding vows. So fuck some easy lay in our comment section and ruin your marriage. We think you’ll love it.