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Internet Win: The Wikipedia Page For Racism Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed

Well, that took long enough!

Next time you go to Wikipedia, type the word “racism” into the search bar and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Because thanks to some intrepid social justice seekers, what was once a page dedicated to this antiquated and ignorant ideology has been absolutely torn to shreds. And frankly, it’s about time.

It all started with one simple yet powerful edit, when a person changed the title of the page from “Racism” to “Stop Racism.” After that, the floodgates were open, and the edits started pouring in.

People began changing every mention of the word “slavery” to read “slavery is wrong.” Then, every reference to the N-word was replaced with a new, more progressive version of the N-word: “NO MORE RACISM.” And just when you thought the internet was done, check out what users added to the section detailing the history of racism:

Take that, racists. That’s what the internet thinks of your history.

Take a look at some of the other changes people have been making:


And it got even better from there. Pretty soon, people were deleting entire sections from the page. The entry for “Segregation”? Gone. “Cultural Racism”? Goodbye!

So far, Wikipedia moderators seem to be doing their best to restore the page, but internet users are clearly too much for them to handle! There’s been overwhelming support for this cause, as people all across social media are expressing their gratitude that some noble SJWs finally took action. Just check out these tweets:

Thank you, internet, for showing racists that their time is up and that there’s no place for hate on the web!