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It’s Officially Fall: Someone Put A Witch Hat On Grandma

Say goodbye to summer and get ready for cooler days and earlier sunsets. Someone put a witch hat on Grandma, and that means it’s officially fall!

Yep, it looks like it’s that time of year again. Someone came by the living room earlier today and plopped a witch hat right on Grandma’s head, so you know that Halloween is just around the corner and autumn has officially arrived. All the signs of the new season are here: The leaves are changing, there’s a crisp chill in the air, and Grandma is staring straight ahead with a passive expression that makes it impossible to tell whether or not she cares that somebody just walked right up to her and put a witch hat on her head without asking.

The hat probably came from the attic!

Just one look at Grandma sitting silently in the living room with a witch hat on her head and you’ll know that it’s unmistakably fall. It’s time to put away your shorts and break into those comfy autumn sweaters, because someone just drooped some fake cobwebs over Grandma’s IV to go with her hat, and it’s pretty clear she didn’t opt in on either!

So get ready to start drinking cider and carving jack-o’-lanterns! Grandma’s got a witch hat on that’s just sort of sitting there like she’s some kind of living mannequin or piece of furniture, and that means that fall has officially begun! We can’t wait!