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It’s Scary How They Know This Much About You: Facebook Just Sent A Notification To Wish You A Happy Birthday

With each passing year, Facebook increases its stranglehold on our lives by mining our data and analyzing our every move online. And now, something eerie has happened that proves just how terrifying the tech giant’s insight into your existence really is: Facebook just sent a notification to wish you a happy birthday.

Oh God. They know too much!

When you woke up this morning, you expected your phone’s lock screen to be full of notifications from friends and family wishing you a fun day, but among those messages was something much more sinister: a missive from Facebook itself that read “Happy Birthday,” followed by your very own first name. It’s hard not to feel violated knowing that this powerful tech monolith knows such intimate information about your life as the date of your birth, and even worse, that it had the capability to connect itself to your personal telephone device and send unsolicited well wishes. And it’s obvious that this message was no fluke, as Facebook sent it at 9:00 on the dot on the morning of your birthday, clearly having pre-planned the notification to ensure it would reach you on your big day.

This is very scary. It might finally be time to delete your Facebook for good.

If Facebook has biographical details like your birthday on hand, there’s no telling what other information they might have dug up about you—the names of your parents, your birthplace, and even your current city and place of work may all be available to the nigh-omniscient corporation, which seems to have no issue hoarding your sensitive personal info and deploying it whenever they see fit. You might have thought of Facebook as a simple way to share pictures and connect with family members, but this birthday notification is proof that they’re not just providing you with a social media platform: they’re watching you.

Wow. What a creepy story this is. We are really disturbed to find out how much Facebook has invaded our privacy. Someone needs to put a stop to this company, and fast!