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Just Becaufe You’r Old Doesnt Mean You Automantically Like Other Old Peoaple (By Queen Elizabeth II)


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,,,,,,,,,,,,3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just beauan e your old doesnt mean oyu automanticaly like other old people ,just befauce you;te old doesnt maen you automantivaly like other old peopel jusg because youre old doesnt meanyou automabically like othert old people HELLO! JUSTT BECAUSE YOU’FE ODL DOENESNT MEAN YOU AUTHNOMATICALLY LIFE OTHER OLD PEOOKLE AND just bec

ause yot;re old odesnt helloHELLO , it is the quann.

One of the biggest assumptors thst people make is that if your a

Old Person you auntomantically like other old people. N


it’s totly untrue. Persoanlly, I am about as old as I can geth, and even as I break New frontiers of oldness I still really dont wanna like other old people. why? well, for one, they’re are old. For two, a’m old too, which y means I auntomatically like E ERYTHUNG a lot less then everyone else. As you can see this Combos nation you’ld Add up to me not really being impressed with other old people a t all.

Sometime;s I see a few old people togonther and I think “oh great, not this.y” Personally I;d rather see a old with a young person or a old person all by themselvf than 2+ old people tongs gether m, When you got a lotta old people together what are they gonna do? Play banketball? No. Nothing. Maybe at most they’ll will Hold onto some playing crads, not even playing game just looking at shape’s and number;s on the cards and thinkins “Ah yes, card.” This is tontally dissapointing.

When you go to an enxersice class for old people , what are they do? Sit on a the ball, roll aroundoin the water , maybe even just hold they’;re arms over they’;re heads for 3 seconds and leave , but When you got to a young person exctrecise class what do you see? Jumping! Boncing! Leaping! There feet rarely tounch the growund, and when they do, it’s not a big deal. When old people feet touch the ground everyone know about it.

Does this make me “racist agsint old peopole?” Yes , But It’s OK. And for that, I am thankful. When my hubsard died  , a lot of people suggerted I marry another man who was as old as him. What. The whole reason he die’d was because he was so tontally old. I want a youngth man or nothing at all , Lotta young misters like to have a old quen wife , porbably.

OK well I;ve coveresd the negative;s of an “old on old” friendship m, but what about the positivies? We’ll, there arent any . Sure , you might know the same old song called”We Go Togehter Like Soup And Potatoes Cried The Chimney Sweep“ or broth know a lot of trivia about Yarn , but otherewise, let’s just keep it to a minunume. Chuch, Busness, and nods on the sidewalk , That a bout all I need from my fellow olds , and all I expect they need form me as well.

Thans, you for your understanding

Her Royard Higness,

Quen Elisdrath 2rd