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Just For Them: NASA Is Sending Astronauts To The Moon But As A Personal Thing That Will Not Involve Any Research

The quest for knowledge never ends, and no one knows that better than the astronauts at NASA. After countless hours of pushing the boundaries of science, conducting innumerable experiments to expand on our understanding of the universe for all of mankind, it looks like they’re finally about to go on a mission that’s just about them for a change: NASA is sending astronauts to the moon, but as a personal thing that will not involve any research!

Wow. Good for those guys!

While NASA’s astronauts have certainly done their fair share of space exploration, their missions are customarily bogged down with experiments, tests, and trials, which keep them far too busy to actually enjoy their expeditions. That won’t be the case with this one, though, as NASA is finally giving its crew the time to unwind with its own trip to the moon, one where its members can completely set the agenda themselves and do with their time whatever they please.

“Our astronauts are working around the clock to push human knowledge forward, and we think it’s time we send them up there to do whatever they think is interesting for a change,” said the program’s administrator, Robert M. Lightfoot. “To show just how much we appreciate their hard work, we’re not giving them any sort of agenda, but instead are giving them the time to enjoy the lunar experience anew and in whatever way they wish.”

“Whether they want to conduct some personal passion experiments they’ve been kicking around, or just tool around in zero gravity, or even catch up on some surely needed sleep, they will now have ample time to do it,” Lightfoot added. “If they learn anything while they’re up there, we’re not even going to ask about it, because this time, it’s none of our business.”

What a wonderful gesture. It sounds like the astronauts really earned this one!

The astronauts’ shuttle is being stocked with enough food and oxygen to last them seven full days on the moon, and beyond “have a good time,” NASA isn’t giving them any instruction on what to do while they’re up there, or even asking for so much as a mission debrief when they return.

The astronauts are reportedly excited to finally be able to make the big trip on their own without the stressors of deadlines and experiments, and have already begun planning loose ideas for the trip like hiking unknown craters, taking turns doing donuts in the lunar rover, and planting a flag that they’re going to make themselves. The crew has also insisted that these are merely ideas, though, and if they don’t have time for them or change their minds while they’re up there, then that’s totally fine. The big thing for them is to keep the trip as flexible and laid-back as possible.

So cool. It looks like NASA is finally giving its most important employees a much-deserved break, and in a big way. Here’s to hoping the astronauts enjoy their trip!