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Just When You Didn’t Think Emma Watson Could Get Any More Amazing, She Grows 4 Feet Taller

If you didn’t think perfection could be improved upon, think again, because Emma Watson is now 4 feet taller!

Arriving at a red carpet event this week, the Harry Potter star showed the world that she is now 9 feet, 5 inches tall, looking more elegant than ever with her towering, eel-like stature and her willowy 60-inch arms dangling effortlessly in her wake. Wearing a pink Christian Dior dress that hung gracefully from her elongated frame, she looked less like a movie star than a stunning, gentle giantess straight out of a fairy tale.

Talented, gorgeous, and now tall enough to brush a basketball net with the top of her head? This woman’s got it all.

Between film shoots, campaigns for women’s rights, and just being flat-out awesome, where did Emma find the time to sprout 48 vertical inches over the course of a couple months? We have no idea, but we’re definitely not complaining.

You’re a queen, Emma!