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LEAKED: Here Is The Email To All Businessmen Reminding Them They Have To Wear Suits

Most of us have never had a glimpse into the world of businessmen, but that’s all changing now: An email sent to all businessmen was leaked earlier today and is going viral on the internet. In the strongly worded note, an anonymous junior executive goes off on businessmen, reminding them to always wear their suits and ties. And it’s pretty brutal.

It starts off going right for the jugular of non-suit-wearing businessmen:

I have been noticing, much to my chagrin, that many of you businessmen have been “forgetting” to wear your jacket, tie, and nice slacks to work every day. I want to reiterate that this dress is MANDATORY for businessmen, no matter which field your business is in.

The author reveals that he’s been wanting to send this message for some time now:

This is NOT a recent trend. Last month, I was walking around NYC’s Wall Street and I counted six, SIX, businessmen who were walking around without wearing suits. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. Suits are for wearing if you’re a businessman. Period.

Then he goes after those in cardigans…

If you MUST wear a cardigan, please wear a JACKET over it. Ideal scenario is NO cardigan but the jacket is a must at all times.

…and is merciless about Casual Friday:

There is NO excuse for dressing down on a Friday. What if a client calls and wants to drop by? What will that client see when s/he comes to the office? A fool in a golf shirt and khakis, that’s what. Don’t even get me started on tech startup “businessmen.” I barely even consider them as such. I have NEVER done business with someone in a hoodie, and I never, ever will.

He then raises the stakes:

If you do not feel it necessary to wear a suit to work every day, you need to SERIOUSLY reconsider being a businessman.

He even has a few words for people who do wear suits every day:

Also, no more dirty suits. If something gets on your suit or you’ve just worn it a lot, take it to the dry cleaners. You are allowed to wear your suits in non-work settings (weddings, funerals, etc.), but just make sure they are in tip-top condition when you step back into your place of business.

And he compares businessmen to others:

When I look at racecar pit crews, those guys ALWAYS show up in their uniforms. You NEVER see one of them in a polo and loafers. We businessmen need to strive to be more like racecar pit crews, but with suits and ties instead of flame-retardant onesies.

Incredible. This is certainly an eye-opening look into the world of businessmen. We’ve reached out for a response from businessmen but have yet to hear back.