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Literally Amazing! This Incredible Dad Loved His Family So Much He Got Eye Enlargement Surgery So He Could Look At Them More

Meet David Eckstrom, a husband and father from Fort Worth, TX, living with his wife and two children. David was a normal family man until last month, when he went from regular dad to Super Dad: David loved his family so much that he got eye enlargement surgery so that he could look at them more.

Eckstrom’s surgeon, Dr. Eric Barnhart, said that he was moved by his patient’s desire to see his family more, and gladly performed the procedure.

“Most dads are content to just look at their family the normal amount, but David is a special kind of father,” said Dr. Barnhart. “He loves his family so much that he was willing to undergo extremely invasive surgery to make his eyes wider and his pupils bigger, just so he could see his wife and children more. As a father myself, I aspire to be like him.”

The results were amazing, and this heroic family man said that his new eyes have been a change for the better. “My life has completely transformed since the surgery!” said Eckstrom. “Whether I’m looking at my wife when I wake up in the morning or watching my kids play, I’m seeing my family more than ever. This was definitely the right choice.”

Next time you start losing your faith in humanity, just remember that there are heroic fathers like David Eckstrom who are always trying to look at their families as much as possible. That should be enough to get you through the day.