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Living It Up On The Taxpayers’ Dime: Joe Biden Has Already Spent 28 Days Of His Presidency Getting Colonoscopies

Throughout history, U.S. presidents have always faced scrutiny over how much time they spend on the job versus how much time they dedicate to leisurely pursuits. And while it’s certainly understandable that the leader of the free world might need to occasionally get out of the office and unwind a bit, taking too much PTO can be a bad look. Case in point: President Biden has already spent 28 days of his presidency getting colonoscopies. 

Outrageous! Our tax dollars should NOT be going towards pampering politicians with fancy gastroenterological procedures.

According to information obtained through a FOIA request, President Biden has spent a cumulative 28 days of his first 209 days in office getting top-of-the-line colon examinations at Walter Reed Medical Center, frequently abandoning his duties to treat himself to the finest colorectal treatments taxpayers’ money can buy. That’s right: Not even a year into his presidency, Joe Biden has already devoted nearly an entire month—not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars in travel and security costs—to his little hobby of having a doctor check inside his anus for unusual growths and lesions. Knowing that Biden is having a lubricated medical camera snaking around his bowels every single week while the country suffers from wildfires and surging Covid-19 variants should be maddening to conservatives and liberals alike. 

To put this in context, no previous president has spent even half the time getting colonoscopies in their first term as Biden has, with Dwight Eisenhower coming in at a distant second with a cumulative 13 days of colonoscopies in the same timeframe. Being president is certainly a high-stress job, and taking time away from the Oval Office is definitely sometimes necessary. But to blow a small country’s GDP getting multiple elective colonoscopies every single week when millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet is truly unconscionable. Yes, men of a certain age do need their anuses probed for abnormalities on a more regular basis than the general population, but one or two trips to the doc per year should be more than enough. 

Shame on you, Mr. President. We expected more of you. 

Considering the unprecedented anxiety everyday Americans are facing right now, this is very disappointing to see from a president who campaigned on fighting for the little guy. Biden better cut back on the colonoscopies ASAP, otherwise he might as well just hand over the 2024 election on a silver platter.