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Maddeningly Wasteful: The U.S. Navy Loses Over $45 Billion A Year To Submarines Sneaking Off With Whales And Living With Them Forever

Okay, this is going to make your blood boil.

Everyone knows that the United States Navy is expensive to maintain, but a shocking new report shows that wasteful spending in the naval warfare branch has grown seriously out of control. According to the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office, the Navy loses over $45 billion a year to submarines sneaking off with whales and living with them forever.

Terrible. Americans have every right to be outraged.

Every time the U.S. Navy loses one of its submarines to a passing pod of beluga whales, it’s coming right out of the pocket of the American taxpayer. It’s ridiculous that our government budgets over $600 billion per year toward our military when so much of that total is being wasted on nuclear submarines that divert from their patrols to swim amongst the orcas instead of defending our country.

While infrastructure and education continue to be underfunded, valuable capital continues to be misused on building failed war machines that can only been seen during the occasional whale-watching tour off Cape Cod or the coast of Monterey. And while it may be a majestic sight to witness an Ohio-class submarine breach the surface, it’s not something our government should continue to support financially, plain and simple.

Whales are beautiful creatures, yes, but we’re throwing our money away every time one of our submarine crews hears a passing whale’s song and decides that it’s the life for them. Hopefully we as a country can take a long, hard look at where our money is being spent, because if naval submarines continue to defect from our military in order to join the whales, our national debt is only going to balloon further.