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Major Disaster: Thousands Of Smoke Detectors Are Being Recalled Because They Don’t Know The Word For Fire

Okay, so this is a seriously massive hazard. Some consumer product recalls are annoying, but this one is downright dangerous: Honeywell has issued a recall for thousands of their voice-alarm smoke detectors, warning that they do not know the word “fire.”

WTF, Honeywell. Seriously. You had one job.

The defective alarms still try to warn you when they detect smoke, but instead of announcing a fire they’re only able to say less precise phrases like “red heat” or “bright house glow.” Honeywell warns that these unclear messages are not sufficient and pose a serious risk to anyone who doesn’t immediately grasp that “molten air shroud” means an inferno is spreading through their home. If you have an alarm that says things like “hot mistake,” you should immediately return it to the retailer to receive a replacement that knows the word “fire.”

Check out this video of the flawed smoke detector in action:

Wow. Way to really drop the ball on this, Honeywell. SMH. SMH so hard right now.